Recently, I received a fresh new laptop from Dell. Upon receiving it, I did the traditional “installation of Windows from scratch” on it to remove a lot of the garbage that is preinstalled on Dells.

Then I got really busy installing tons of great software that takes care of pretty much every software need I have. Not only was all of the software free, every piece of it was open source, which means that the code is peer-reviewed, no spyware here!

Useful Softwares for Windows 10

What follows is a list of thirty pieces of useful Software that are the cream of the crop of open source software for Windows.

Here, we’ve picked 9 of the best programs you can download free to give your Windows 10 PC a new lease of life.

9 Best Useful Software Programs for Windows 10 Users

  1. Antivirus
  2. Media Player
  3. Browser
  4. 7 Zip / GZip
  5. MS Office / Open office
  6. Adobe Reader
  7. Notepad++
  8. Piriform CCleaner
  9. Email Clients

1. Antivirus:

A good antivirus software is a must for PCs to safeguard them from harmful threats, trojans, malware, spyware etc.

Below I listed some of the best antivirus programs.


2. VLC Media Player

VLC Media player is the best free music player for Windows 10, but for video, you need VLC Media Player. VLC media player is a free and open-source, portable and cross-platform media player and streaming media server written by the VideoLAN project. VLC Media Player also provide Stream Video From VLC To Chromecast servics also.

VLC Media player

Again, it supports a huge range of file formats (far more than Windows Media Center) and can be expanded with user-created plugins and skins.

VLC Media Player is also an excellent way to enjoy DVDs and Blu-rays on your PC (provided you have the necessary optical drive), and you can optimize playback to suit your system.

3. Google Chrome / Firefox Mozilla:

You might be happy sticking with Internet Explorer in Windows 7, but Microsoft has moved its attention to Edge – a new browser that’s exclusive to Windows 10.

Google Chrome

If you haven’t experimented with many other browsers before, Google Chrome is a great place to start. It’s hugely customizable via plugins, fast, and integrates with your Google account so you can sync bookmarks and preferences between different devices – including phones and tablets.

4. 7-Zip:

Hopefully, you now have a good idea of which programs you need to get the most from your Windows 7 PC, but there’s just one more we recommend.

Windows 7 comes with a tool for extracting compressed file archives, but there are dozens, if not hundreds of different types around and it only supports a small handful. 7-Zip is far more capable and integrates into Windows Explorer and the context menu so it’s there whenever you need it.

5. MS Office / Open Office: 

We can’t imagine a business without MS Office. Right from student to a business man, it’s a must have the software, but it’s not for free so I recommend you use Open Office which is very much similar to MS office with the added bonus that it is free.

6. Adobe Reader:

Adobe Acrobat Reader is the free, trusted leader for reliably viewing, annotating, and signing PDFs.

• Quickly open PDF documents from email, the web, or any app that supports “Share.”
• Search, scroll, and zoom in and out.
• Choose Single Page, Continuous scroll, or Reading mode.

7. NotePad++: 

Notepad++ is a free source and one of the best text editors for several programming languages under the Windows environment.

8. Piriform CCleaner: 

Piriform – the delightfully-named developer of Recuva – also makes an excellent PC optimization tool called CCleaner. It performs much the same job as the various system-sweeping tools you’ll find under Accessories in Windows 7’s Start Menu but is much faster and easier to use.

CCleaner can also clear our your web browser’s cookies and stored passwords for added security. Just make sure you read the description of each item carefully before erasing it, so you don’t accidentally purge anything useful.

Windows has you looking for an email program – the best free email program for Windows, of course? It does not exist

We have covered the many Applications and those are categorically listed like Security, the Internet, Maintenance and more. Hope that this “Best Windows Applications 2017” article will help you a lot.


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