Choosing a suitable wordpress permalink structure for your blog or website is very important, i think it is the very first thing to do before even making your first blog post.The choice of a suitablewordpress permalink structure varies from individuals.

This blog post is aim at guiding you in choosing the best option for your blog/website by explaining the pros and cons of all the permalink structure.

What are permalinks?

Permalinks are direct links to your articles, posts, or pages. They are: “permanent links”

WordPress Permalink

Default WordPress Permalink Setting:

This is the default wordpress permalink structure. Most people still retain this because it short and comprehensive. Ideally, This is not a good choice for a blog with little number of post, because it display the total amount of post in your blog. The major demerit of this permalink is – it a dynamic URL which has been depreciated, instead permalink that contain rich keywords in it URL(pretty url) is used this days because they are more SEO friendly (still debated), friendly also to the end users, they give an insight on what to expect on the page, recommended by google and other search engines.

Update your WordPress Permalinks?

If you are reading this post, I assume that you already know what permalinks are, but I will give a short overview for those who are unsure.

WordPress Permalink Setting

So your readers can access your blog posts, WordPress needs to serve up those pages as unique URL’s. The way that the URL’s are displayed can be configured.

If you go into your WordPress Admin Panel and go to Settings -> Permalinks, you will be presented with the following page.

And the Definitive Answer is…

Custom structure (Post Name )

This permalink structure is human readable, perfect for SEO, has the keywords close to the top leveldomain name.

The permalink setting to use is: /%postname%/
Verdict: This is the one to use.

Conclusion: Choosing permalink for your blog/website is completely a personal decision but care should be taken wen choosing one.If you are to choose a permalink for your blog, consider the Top three widely used permalink which is:

If you have any contribution or contrary opinion about choosing the best permalink sructure, please comment below.


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