What is Domain Authority Definition? : Domain authority is a generic yet complicated concept that attempts to determine the overall ranking of your site’s potential. Using metrics such as the number of Backlinks the total number of links on the site in question, root domains and other rankings established by sites such as SEOmoz, an assessment of the search engine optimization strength can be calculated and inferred as a site’s domain authority. More or less, your domain authority is determined by pinging backlinks and assessing the number of overall links on your site. Since search engines use these variables in large part to determine your site’s ranking, it is important to have an idea of where your site stands.

A good domain authority score means, your blog is quality and trustable. More over, you can showcase your high domain trust factor, and get more advertisers. Domain popularity is measured in part by the number of inbound links from quality sites that a domain has. Inbound links to a domain are a signal that website has useful information that is worth sharing.

Domain Authority

How to Improve Domain Authority?

Here are some of the ways to improve domain authority of any website.

Domain Age and Popularity Matters: Its always being extra advantage of purchasing old domains for high DA rankings. Yes you are right, I mean Domain Age really matters a lot to search engines. Search engines are more likely to repose their trust and faith in older websites. Keep Note- Older and Popular is your domain, better is your rankings.

Guest Blogging: This is one of the important factors to improve domain authority of the website and there were a lot of webmasters using Guest blogging to improve the overall quality of their website. Not only you can improve domain authority by guest blogging, but you can also improve number of quality backlinks pointing to your website. By the result, when you improve your domain authority, you can improve search engine ranking and the page rank of your website.

improve domain authority

Not all your guest blogging efforts improve domain authority drastically, you should link with quality website by Guest blogging, so quality is not only must to improve domain authority and it’s for everything from reducing bounce rate to improve the readers trust.

Blog Commenting: Blog commenting working me to improve the domain authority of all my websites and especially when I comment on ComLuv enabled blogs, the domain authority of one of my blog improved from 8 to 19 within 15 days, so I personally believed comment on ComLuv blogs would work well to improve domain authority of your blog.

Deep Linking: One of the important factors might have missed to optimize is Deep linking,  is also one of the ways to improve domain authority since it pass link juice between internal pages, you can grab more quality links to a particular page would work to improve the domain authority.Back links are the most important factor in blogging success . If you are getting good quality back links then you will see getting a lot of traffic juice from search engines to your website .

Social Signals: Am not sure that social signal would help to improve domain authority but it would pass link juice to a page since the social signals are one of the factors to improve the search engine ranking.

Domain Authority Checker

There are many site where you can check bulk domain authority checker of your website / blog. Some of the best websites to check Domain Authority are listed below.

1. Open Site Explorer

So far the Best Online tool for checking Domain Authority. OnlineSiteExplorer also shows other data: Domain Authority, Page Authority, Inbound Links, Top Pages, Linking Domains, moz page authority, moz link checker, moz domain, etc. You can also compare your site data with upto 5 other sites.

2. Robin Gupta Online Tool

The Best website for checking Domain Authority in Bulk. At RobinGupta.com, You can check Bulk Domain Authority along with Domain Authority, You can also check Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank etc.

  • Go to Robin Gupta’s Online Tool
  • Enter Website Address(es)
  • Tick the Options to Check (Alexa Rank, Page Rank, Domain Authority)
  • Hit Get Rank

3. Moonsy Tool

A Simple Online tool for checking Domain Authority of Blogs and Websites.

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