Comment spamming is one of the serious issue most bloggers face. Thousands of auto bots exists online which just posts unwanted comments in the blogs. It becomes a regular job for bloggers to moderate comments before they appear on the article.

While thinking about solution one of my Facebook friend told me that we can get Akismet API Key for free. WOW, I thanked him and looked into Akismet site again and found a way to get a genuine Akismet Key for free. Here is the way to get one for you.

Akismet API Key

How to Configuration of Akismet API Key for Blog

Akismet is almost ready. You must enter your API key for it to work.

  • Visit Akismet website.
  • Click on Get Started and say goodbye to Spam¬†button.
  • Choose Personal Plan.
  • Enter your details and then in the right side of signup page you see a slider which says $36/yr. Just move the slider to make it $0/yr.
  • Akismet key signup

  • You will get a email with the API Key. Enter that key in Akismet settings page in WordPress admin.
  • Akismet API Configuration

  • Your blog is now spam FREE with FREE spam protection.

For personal bloggers this is a best solution to get Akismet key for free. Once you start earning money you may consider paying money to Akismet plugin as they need support to innovate more to protect Internet from spam.


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