One of the best ways to protect your smartphone is to lock it up. To do this successfully, you need the many features that only the AVG Antivirus app can provide. With watertight security for your Android, you will be able to use the antivirus for mobile to lock up your device in a number of ways. Learn more about the many lockable features of the app below!

PIN Code Lock
AVG AntiVirus FreeTo keep your mobile safe from intruders, the AVG Antivirus app offers a PIN code lock option. The antivirus app for Android allows you to set a PIN code for your device and this will keep everyone out of your mobile phone. No one will be able to access the device unless they have your PIN code. This keeps your personal information safe from prying eyes.

Camera Trap
If you have individuals in your home who snoop on your device, the camera trap feature is perfect for you. With this feature, a photo will be taken if someone tries to access your device and fails. When the PIN code is attempted three times without access, the device will take a photo. This picture will be sent to you via email which allows you to see who the culprit is.

Device Lock
If you have your mobile phone stolen, the device lock feature comes in quite handy. Most criminals will remove the SIM card of a smartphone in order to avoid detection. When the SIM card of your phone is removed and a new one put in place, the AVG Antivirus app locks your device. No calls can be made and your personal information stays safe while in the hands of a stranger.

These are just a few of the great features found within the AVG Antivirus app. Download the application today to see how you can start enjoying a more secure android device!


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